Tyler Mosher - Inspirational Speaker
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Tyler has spoken at numerous events and to a range of audiences. His story is compelling, moving and inspirational. Anyone who has struggled will find an acre of diamonds in the engaging words he has to share, made light by his ease and sense of humor.


Tyler is available to speak at your event. His speeches can be tailored to suit your needs, while he shares his story and how he sets goals and achieves them. Please see the testimonials from previous speeches in the drop down tab.

To contact Tyler please email him at

  • Tyler Mosher - Adaptive Snowboarding World Champion, World Cup Cross Country Skier, Winter Games Paralympian
  • Tyler Mosher - Adaptive Snowboarding World Champion, World Cup Cross Country Skier, Winter Games Paralympian
  • Tyler Mosher - Adaptive Snowboarding World Champion, World Cup Cross Country Skier, Winter Games Paralympian


“I was lucky enough to hear Tyler’s keynote speech at the recent BA and Project World conference in Vancouver.
Without a doubt the best inspirational speaker I have heard! The power of positive thinking, his perseverance in the face of unfathomable adversity, his ability to focus and maintain an unquestionable belief that he can succeed (and did!) – everyone has something to learn and take away from Tyler and his message.
If you get the chance to meet the man himself, OR be in the audience for one of Tyler’s speeches – take it! The impact he has is quite profound, and so so positive!”
Deanna Hughes (October 2011),
Business Analyst Manager
“I had the privilege of working with Tyler on the 2011 edition of Project World * Business Analyst World Vancouver. As our closing Keynote Speaker, Tyler engaged and awed the audience with his inspirational story of courage and bravery – but also had us laughing with his quick wit and anecdotes! He was flooded with questions afterwards, and stayed onsite until each and every person had the chance to meet and speak with him.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tyler – it was an absolute pleasure working with him!”
“Tyler’s story is truly inspirational. His methodology for tackling a life changing event is applicable to both life and business as he clearly understands and conveys how to take an overwhelming situation and break it down into manageable and achievable steps that ensure success. Tyler achieved a 98% speaker approval rating and comments that included “Having the confidence to fall down” clearly indicates Tyler was able to connect with the audience and deliver his message.”
“If you lead a high performance group and you’d like to motivate and inspire them to break through their limitations they need to listen to Tyler’s story.  Tyler is a dynamic, inspirational speaker with an amazing story to tell.”
“Your story is so compelling and inspiring. The courage, the pain, the way you keep winning at life…and delivered Whistler-style and straight-up…it’s great stuff. I’d love to see you rocking stages in universities and corporations everywhere.”
“When Tyler Mosher told us about breaking his back he made me feel the impact. While he spoke I was stuck to the leather seat and couldn’t move. He made me cry and he made my heart feel heavy. Tyler also made my chest feel big with his insight into valiant courage and the support of true friends.
Thank you for speaking so well and being prepared as a true professional… One question for you Tyler, where did you learn to speak so well?”
“In the middle, you don’t know where it ends and it’s hard to get going.” Ever been in a rut? Been lost in your life – stay or go, accept reality or change? Tyler captured that feeling exactly.”
Amanda Fenton (2010),
Amanda Fenton
“Tyler … I am hearing things like … “the best speaker ever” and that is saying something because we have had some phenomenal speakers … so you should be very proud of yourself.
A simply amazing speaker!  Where do you find them?  If I ever find myself complaining about anything again, I will try and think of this young man and remind myself that nothing is impossible. And to think that our product enhances his life.
Best Speaker ever.
Tyler’s personal story was truly amazing and he spoke with humour and without embarrassment about his very personal feelings and experiences. Exceptional!”
“Tyler Mosher is an eloquent, passionate athlete who embraces life as a World Champion Adaptive Snowboarder and Para Nordic 2010 Paralympian. As an ActNow BC Athlete Ambassador, Tyler encourages British Columbians of all ages to follow a healthy lifestyle, whether it means doing a yoga class, trying a new sport or improving their eating habits. He captures his audience with his expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to youth and has repeatedly represented the Province of BC in a professional manner as an ambassador and public speaker.”
“Tyler Mosher. Spoke at the dinner event of the 2010 ICSC Whistler Conference.
Tyler’s presentation was passionate and thought provoking.  His journey is an inspiration, and he described his struggle and accomplishments with energy and pride.
Tyler has a great story that our attendees truly enjoyed.”
“Tyler’s is a unique and compelling story. While obviously intensely personal, he delivers his message in such a self-depricating and inspirational manner that it has an appeal extending well beyond athletics.”
“I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from your talks at the school yesterday. It’s been fantastic! Staff Member’s Wife Mindy, immediately asked me about the speaker who came in to speak at Appleby. She asked me with excitement and urgency. Before I could say anything she said, “Stephen called me at my work today. He NEVER calls me at work because he knows how busy I am, so I was a bit concerned. But then he starts going on about the most amazing speaker who came into speak to the students at Appleby.” Tyler, to me this speaks volumes about the power of your story and message. This guy felt the need to tell the person he loves most about your story immediately after you had spoken. He just couldn’t wait until the end of the day.”