You wouldn’t believe it was 34 degrees celsius today and just as hot yesterday in Whistler when I tell you it was snowing on Monday while I was on the glacier.


Well, I worked all weekend trying to make people happy and in turn get them to pay me for services rendered this week. I needed to get ahead of my crews so I can take Tuesday and Thursday to run some Boardercross (SBX) training on the glacier at Camp of Champions with the team. Fact is, I will take every opportunity I can, if I can afford it, to do what it takes to win. I would have liked to be on my paddle board but the realism is I have 10 employees and need to keep the ball rolling and that means always being a step ahead of the pack. I hope it translates to the slopes.

Although we don’t have the actual format of the games event slated for 2014, I know what I need to do to win. Regardless of the format, which I might not agree with, I am stoked to do my best and I am not naive that I have a lot of competition and that my head is on the block. It is all fun and games until 20 guys want to win and then it is war with many different battles. I’ve made it clear I want to win and I know people will be hunting my head. That is life.

I will plan for it and in doing so put forth my best ability over the next several weeks as we work towards next season.

I hope everyone is having a great time!